Locksmith Service and Car Unlocking Manhattan NYC

Being in Manhattan NY and forgetting your keys in your car or your having your keys break, is a horrible feeling. In the city that never sleeps everyone is in a rush. A1 Towing NYC is always in a rush to help its customers. Whether you need your car towed, keys replaced or you forgot your keys in your car, contact A1 Towing NYC customer support.

Locksmith Service and Car Unlocking in Manhattan NY

Car Unlocking in Manhattan NY

Why would my car need locksmith services?

There are many various reasons for needing locksmith services. Your have misplaced your ignition key or fob, your key has broken and is stuck inside the door, trunk, or ignition, or you have locked your keys inside your car. You name it, we’ve dealt with it. In the event that your key has broken inside of your ignition, do not panic and do not try to retrieve the key on your own, you may cause damage to your starter.

Key Retrieval Process

I'm in Manhattan and my car key cracked, what should I do?

The first thing that should be done, if possible, is to turn off the engine of your car. If you have a smart key that starts your engine for you, you should press the ignition button in order to turn it off. If you do not, make sure that the car is placed in park and that your emergency break is on. Once we arrive, we will assess how to best retrieve your broken key from the ignition (or door or trunk). There are three different methods we can use: a wire, a jigsaw blade, or a key extraction tool.


In most cases, the use of a wire will be resorted to as a last case method. We would spray the lock in order to add lubrication to the broken key fragment. Then a hook would be made with the wire as it is placed inside the lock. Once the wire stops moving forward, it would then be pulled out until the key is visible and able to be extracted with pliers.

Jigsaw Blade

This is one of the most common locksmithing methods for older vehicles. The first step, as always is to spray the lock in order to help the key fragment become loose. The blade would then be inserted into the lock until it reaches the end of the lock chamber. The jigsaw blade would then be turned very carefully, so as not to cause any damage, in order to catch onto one of the teeth of the key. The jigsaw blade would be pulled towards the locksmith, and then would be pulled out with pliers.


At the end of the key retrieval process, you will be handed a new set of keys and will be able to drive off. Your broken set of keys will be recycled by one of our team members once the job is complete.

01. Locksmith Processes

In the event that you have misplaced your keys or have locked them inside your car, through our roadside assistance services, we are available to assist you. As long as you live within our service area, which is the five boroughs of New York City, we will be able to assist you. Simply tell us the make and model of your car and we will be able to bring you a copy of keys. We will also be able to unlock your car and retrieve your functional pair of keys.