Flatbed Towing Manhattan NYC

A1 Towing NYC, offers you take us up to the challenge to tow your car and keep it in the perfect condition. We always use the latest model tow truck. One of our favorite Tow Trucks we use is a Flat Bed tow truck.

The Flat Bed tow truck provides safe towing while keeping the car in perfect condition. Out Flat Beds tow truck are all over Manhattan looking to help you out. Whether you just need a battery boost or your car door opened, we are here to help you.

Flat Bed Tow truck with roadside assitance in Manhattan NY

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Tow Trucks in Manhattan NY

Flatbed towing is the most common type of towing service offered. This is because it does not cause your vehicle any additional damage during the towing process. It is also because these types of towing trucks are mass produced at a greater rate verses the wheel lift trucks.

Where does the name Flat Bed Towing come from?

Flatbed tow trucks get their name from their iconic flat beds. Some towing companies also refer to flatbed tow trucks as roll-back trucks. This is because they have a hydraulic system that rolls the bed back on an angle which allows the vehicle to drive directly onto the bed and to be pulled to its destination. Once the vehicle is safely loaded onto the bed, the hydraulics lower the bed to its resting position. Of the five types of tow trucks that are out there, flatbed trucks are the safest because they cause the least amount of damage to vehicles. This is because the car is off of the ground and secured to the bed of the truck.

What are the different types of tow trucks?

There are two different types of flatbed tow trucks that can be deployed to your location: flatbed trucks and lift flatbed trucks.


Flatbed Tow Trucks

The standard flatbed tow trucks function just like the ones described above. The entire back of this particular tow truck is fitted with a bed that can be vertically inclined and slide back onto the ground at an angle. This allows the vehicle to be placed on the “flatbed” under its own power, meaning, the car must be functional in order to get onto this type of tow truck. If your car cannot start, or it cannot drive, this would not be the ideal type of tow truck to use for your vehicle. In this case, we would use a lift flatbed tow truck. Or a winch would be used to help pull the vehicle onto the flatbed. A winch is a motorized steel string that attaches to the frame of a car in order to drag it onto a flatbed.


Lift Flatbed Tow Trucks

Lift flatbed tow trucks use a wheel-lift frame (shaped like a cage without a bottom) to lift the vehicle vertically onto the bed. This type of towing is used for a non-functional car, or for vehicles that are parallel parked and cannot function. These types of tow trucks are not traditionally found in America, but are widely used in Europe. In the event that your vehicle is too damaged to get onto a flatbed tow truck, please click here to review all of the towing options that we offer. Typically, we would recommend going with either a wheel lift tow for a car that needs repairs or a hook and chain tow for a totaled car.