There is nothing worse than going to start your car in Manhattan NY and realizing that your battery has died. In the event that this happens to you, we have outlined three different ways to jump start your car and to make your way to the closest mechanic.

If you cannot get your car to start, even when you try to jump the vehicle, you can always call A1 Towing NYC to tow your vehicle to either one of our mechanic shops or to a location of your choosing.

You can also call A1 Towing for roadside assistance and we will deliver and install a new car battery for you. While you are waiting for roadside assistance to arrive, you may want to try one (or all) of these three different methods for how to jump start a vehicle.

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How boost your car battery when you are stuck in Manhattan NY

Check The Battery

Before you even consider jumping your car, first check to make sure if your battery is in fact the problem, because there is a chance that there is something else wrong with your vehicle. The first thing you should check is your headlights. When they come on are they bright or are they dim? If they are dim, there is something wrong with your battery. If the headlights are bright, a jump start will not solve your problem. At this point you should call A1 Towing for assistance. Our contact phone number is (212) 695-3157. And we serve all of NY. We are based out of Manhattan NY.

Jumping the Car

The first thing to do is to open the hood of your car and locate your battery, most likely it will be near the front of the car on either the right or the left side. You want to locate both the positive and the negative terminals, marked with red and black; red for positive and black and negative. Have your friend/ helper pull their vehicle up as close to yours as possible. Make sure the vehicles are not touching, this could cause harm to yourself and the people around you. Before attaching the jump cables, inspect the batteries of your vehicle and the vehicle of your helper for any sort of cracks or leaks. Make sure that both vehicles are powered down and that the battery cables of your stalled vehicle have been removed.

Next you should attach the jump cables in the following manner: connect one red cable to the positive side of the dead battery and one to the good battery. Connect black cable to the negative end of the good battery and the other end to the dead battery where the battery connects with the chassis. Before starting your engines, make sure that the cables are not hanging inside of the engine, instead, have them hang outside of the vehicle. Start the engine of the car with the good battery. Let the engine run ideal for about one minute in order to charge the battery of the dead vehicle. Try to start the vehicle with the dead battery. If you have difficulty starting the vehicle, you may want to adjust the position of the cables on the batteries. If this works and the vehicle starts, drive it to your nearest mechanic.

Manually Jump the Car

This method works best if you have a vehicle that operates with manual transmission. To begin this process, push your vehicle to the top of a hill. Once on the top, push down on the clutch and place your vehicle into second gear. Then turn the key within your ignition, but do not start the engine just yet. With the clutch still depressed, release your emergency break and remove your foot from the break, slowly lowering yourself down the hill. Once the speed of the vehicle reaches five miles per hour, turn the ignition and release the clutch. The engine should start and you should drive your vehicle to the nearest shop. However, in the event that your engine does not start, you should bring your vehicle to a hault, pull over and call A1 Towing for roadside assistance services.