Auto and Motorcycle Towing Manhattan NYC

In the event that your car or motorcycle is in need of towing in New York City (NYC), contact us and we will send a tow truck to you to assist you.

Depends on the circumstances, some time we will need to tow your car or motorcycle. We would recommend using either our wheel lift towing services or our flatbed towing services. Wheel lift towing is great for if you are on a budget and your vehicle has minor damage. Call us at (212) 695-3157 and ask for a tow truck.

Automobile Towing in Manhattan NY

Flatbed Tow Truck is the best option for an automobile in being that it is the safest method to transport a vehicle. Like flatbed towing with a motorcycle, your vehicle will be strapped to the flatbed and will be off of the ground. Meaning, your car will not have to be dragged when it has a damaged tire or a shattered bumper. Which is better for your car in the long run, and will make the repairs easier to complete since everything will stay in place, verses the possibility of it shifting around.

Motorcycle Towing in Manhattan NY

In being that there are about three hundred and fifty thousand registered motorcycles within the five boroughs (Manhattan, Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, and Staten Island) of New York City, we have made it a point to have all of the latest technology to ensure that in the event your motorcycle is in an accident, that it will be towing to safety without incurring additional damage.

Towing a motorcycle requires an entirely different approach verses towing an automobile. Which means that the stable towing services, such as wheel lift towing and hook and chain towing, will not work for your motorcycle. The best method to transport your motorcycle to safety is to tow it on a Flatbed Tow Truck.

By using a flatbed, it puts less strain on your motorcycle, and it also allows us to secure it to the flatbed with additional straps and chains to ensure that it does not shift around during the transport. Other methods of towing a motorcycle include using different types of carriers and hitches such as fatz hitches (which are similar to the traditional tow dolly), a motorcycle carrier, or a motorcycle hauler.

Fatz Hitch

A Fatz Hitch is a similar towing method to using a wheel lift tow truck. The main difference is that this type of hitch doesn’t have a “T” since it only locks onto one tire, which is typically the front tire of the motorcycle. Once the motorcycle’s front tire is locked into place on this steel apparatus, it is cleared to be towed by one of our A1 Tow Trucks. Some Fitz Hitches are longer and have a space for both tires to be secured onto the hitch before they are towed to safety.

Motorcycle Carrier

A Motorcycle Carrier is very similar to a flatbed tow truck, however, it is smaller and is able to be attached to any pickup truck or SUV. They come in single and double variations and are made of steel. Once the motorcycle is placed onto the carrier (which looks like a steel latter laid down flat) the motorcycle can then be strapped to the carrier and towed to safety. While this is not a method we would use, it is a very useful mount to have for any motorcycle collector who wants to transport their vehicle to an exhibit hall or a garage for maintenance.

Motorcycle Hauler

A motorcycle hauler looks like a box on wheels, and it can be easily rented from your local U-Haul. They are great for transporting vintage motorcycles to expos since they do not expose your motorcycle to the elements. Additional motorcycle services that we offer include: roadside assistance fuel delivery, locksmithing, trailer recovery, tire repairs, and towing. By using our roadside assistance services, you will be able to get the help you need in a swift amount of time. If your motorcycle runs out of gas, we will deliver it to you and fill your tank up for you. We will also make sure that your vehicle can start and that you can drive safely before we leave the premise. If your tire bursts, you have the option of us bringing a spare tire and replacing the damaged tire, or you can be towed to a maintenance shop to receive a new tire.