A1 Towing NYC offers Roadside Assistance services in Manhattan NY. Other services include Auto and Motorcycle TowingFlatbed Towing, Tire Repair and Replacement, Auto Jump Start, and Locksmith Service and Car Unlocking.

A1 Towing NYC offers Towing in Manhattan NYC and its surrounding areas, Road Side Assistance, and automotive services. No matter what the issue is, A1 Towing NYC will be happy to send out a fully equipped tow truck to you with a trained and professional technician to assist you.

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Next time you need any type of towing service in NYC or automotive service in Manhattan NY, Call us at 212-695-3157.

A1 Towing NYC offers towing service to all of New York City.

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Flatbed Towing

A1 Towing NYC, offer towing and roadside assistance across all 5 boroughs of New York

Locksmith Service and Car Unlocking

It is very fraternizing to be locked out of your car or truck. If that happens call A1 Towing NYC and we will send a tow truck to help you out..


A1 Towing NYC offers a wide range of roadside assistant services in Manhattan NY.


Being stuck in Manhattan NY with a dead battery is horrible. Well A1 Towing NYC is here to help.

Tire Repair and Replacement

Being stuck in Manhattan NY with a flat tire is horrible. Call us and we will send a tow truck to with an experienced technician to help you.


One of the services all of our Tow Trucks offer is full delivery and refill.

Auto and motorcycle towing

If you need your car or motorcycle towed, contact A1 Towing NYC.

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If you need any type of towing service in Manhattan NY, contact A1 Towing NYC.


We serve the towing community of Manhattan New York.

We are proud to announce that A1 Towing NYC has been endorsed by major auto insurance companies such as AAA, Cross County, G.E., Rod America, Progressive, All State, Nationwide, Geico, and many more. Through our partnership with AAA, A1 Towing NYC is also able to offer many roadside services such as battery replacements on the road,flat bed towing, and simple tire replacements to help bring you and your vehicle to safety.

Flat Bed Tow truck with roadside assitance in Manhattan NY

If you call us through AAA, you can track our progress through their easy to use application. The app will show you when A1 Towing NYC accepts your request, how long it will take for us to reach you, and when we will arrive. We are also working on developing our own application to guide you through our entire repair process so that you don’t have to stress about your vehicle’s repairs, and get you back on the road in record time. Our application will be available in the Google Play Store and the Apple store in January 2017.

A1 Towing NYC partnered up with Midtown Center Auto Repair to offer towing and road side assistance in Manhattan NY.

This includes Auto Jump Start, Tire Repair and Replacement, Flatbed Towing, and everything else you might need.

Whether you need your Auto or Motorcycle towed, day or night, we are here. To get more information about our Auto and Motorcycle Towing in Manhattan NY click here.

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Thank you for choosing A1 Towing NYC for your New York towing and roadside needs. A1 Towing NYC has been providing towing and roadside assistance for all make and model cars, trucks, RVs and motorcycles for over twenty years


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Why our Tow Truck service in New York City

Welcome to A1 Towing NYC. We are a towing company located in Manhattan NY. We are proud to say that we have been providing Tow Trucks and Roadside Assistance services in NYC for more than 35 years now. A1 Towing NYC offers towing in New York and its surrounding areas, road side assistance, and automotive services. No matter what the issue is, A1 Towing NYC will be happy to send out a fully equipped tow truck to you with a trained and professional technician to assist you.

A1 Towing NYC is ready to assist you with anything you will ever need for your car.

It’s no secret that car owners have the tendency to disregard the importance of finding a good towing company. Some people think they’re capable of fixing car problems on their own, thus they’re simply not interested. In reality, there’s actually a lot that car owners can get from using towing companies.

The real challenge is finding the right one who can efficiently take care of any technical car issues.

Just like when you’re shopping, you can find several sellers and service providers who’ll promise you a lot. Almost always, we’ll choose one that offers quality products at the most affordable rates or prices. The same concept should be applied when looking for the right towing company.
Here are some tips you can look onto when looking for a reliable towing service provider:

1) Before going to the towing service company’s office or calling one for road side assistance, try asking yourself some of these questions:

• Is this towing company capable of towing my vehicle without making any scratches or damages?
• Is this towing service provider duly-licensed?
• How much do they ask for their service?
• What are the vehicles they own and are they really good enough?
• How experienced is the towing service company?
• Do they strictly adhere to some common safety procedures and health policies?
These obviously do not include all of the questions you should ask, but they’re pretty good enough at narrowing down your choices.

2) Try searching for some customer reviews online.

If you’re not familiar of the towing company, take time to search about its reputation and background. Make sure it has a lot of positive feedbacks related to its technical knowledge, efficiency in handling issues, customer service, and much more.
It’s highly recommended to choose one that has been in business for a couple of years with a proven and outstanding track record.

3) Come up with a checklist that can help you differentiate one towing company from another.

It’s not surprising to see companies with similar service offerings. However, every company almost always has something unique to provide. Here are some of the key points you should consider:

Towing charges

Make sure the towing company offers reasonable charges. Towing companies that promise a lot and offers their service very cheaply may be too good to be true. A service provider that also asks for an expensive fee may be too costly. There are several towing companies that offer quality service at very affordable rates.


A good towing company is someone you can rely on in times of emergency. It should always be readily available in times you need it the most. No matter how good and knowledgeable it is, it won’t be very helpful if it’s not prompt in fixing car issues.

Tools and equipment

A good towing company should be fully-equipped with the necessary tools and supplies. Their tools should be neat and clean. This is one way of determining their tidiness and orderliness.

Behavior towards work

Make sure the towing company is known for its professionalism. By being able to measure its behavior, there’s a very small chance that you’ll hire a company that can get your car scratched or damaged.

Think Safe

We are proud to say that we try our best to have all our tow truck staff certified in Sexual Harassment Training and prevention. This online Sexual Harassment Training keeps our staff up to date on all sexual harassment training.

Moving bulky and heavy loads down the road may be very tricky most especially for those who are less experienced. This is due to the fact that you would have to also consider the automobile that’s behind your towing vehicle.

Therefore, it’s a must that you keep in mind the basic concepts of towing. By doing such, you’ll make towing even a heavy cargo much simpler and safer thing to do. Carelessness or having less attention to details would likewise result to bumpy rides which may damage any car you’re towing.

Here are some helpful tips that you can take note when towing:

1) Make sure you know your vehicle’s towing capacity

No matter how powerful or big your engine is, it’s important to determine your vehicle’s towing capacity. If you’re not sure, you may refer to your vehicle’s user manual as it’s a reliable source of information about your vehicle.

2) Distribute the weight of your cargo properly

When it comes to moving things from one house to another, you’re likely to separate the lighter items from the heavier ones. By doing such, you’re expected to transfer items easily and more efficiently.

Towing is a process that likewise considers issues about the weight. By keeping yourself aware of the right way of distributing weight, you can make towing safer and easier to perform.

It’s also advisable to load the heavier cargo before the smaller ones. A rule of thumb is that the center of gravity of the load should be low. Moreover, the sides of the cargo should be balanced to prevent it from flipping.

3) Don’t forget to look at your car’s mirrors

This is a very basic driving technique, but it’s included in our list to emphasize its importance. By understanding the significance of the side mirrors, you can see the cars behind you. This makes switching lanes and maneuvering a lot safer.

4) Get enough light on your driveway

Towing at night may be a bit risky as it can be hard to easily view things in front or behind you.

Therefore, it’s important to have all your car’s lights in working order. Not only would a busted light put yourself or cargo at risk, but it may also possibly harm pedestrians or other drivers.

5) Take time to check your tires regularly

There’s nothing more embarrassing than experiencing a flat tire while towing. This will not only put your vehicle and cargo at risk, but it will also create a bad taste about your towing company’s efficiency and reliability. By doing some routine tire checks, you’ll increase your chances of making a better ride and will also save yourself from a lot of troubles.

6) Make sure your brakes are synchronized

It’s important to double-check your brakes in addition to ensuring the lighting systems of the cargo and the tow vehicle. Brakes that are not functioning properly may cause accidents on the road.

7) Remember to slow down

Towing is very much different to regular driving. Therefore, resist the temptation of pressing your foot down more frequently on the gas pedal. Due to the added length and weight of the towed vehicle, traveling fast may be more dangerous.